All Saints Chapel - WOW Venue

We operate two systems, an overhead wired microphone used to pic up the ceremony and a wireless microphone for speeches.


We operate a professional BOSE music system with a fully functional music desk  The system operates both 4.5 mm jacks and XLM

During the Day :

The Bose system can be used to organise the days music.  Music should be supplied on any music player with a head phone jack but must  have an easy read display.

Music should be ordered into play lists and be in order 
  • Music while you wait   : 30min
  • Bridal entrance  :  1 track
  • Signing the register : 3 tracks
  • Bridal exit   : 1 track
  • Wedding breakfast 1hr
  • first dance  : 1 track

Live music if requires is fine. Instruments can plug into the BOSE music desk via XLM cables

During the Evening

Both live bands and DJ or indeed pre recorded music is allowed.  For consideration of our neighbours we have the following restrictions

No Drums
A maximum  noise level of  90db

A noise limiter is in operation


The bar is fully staffed and specific branded items can be asked for.

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