All Saints Chapel - WOW Venue
The All Saints site was originally built as a Turbuculosis  convalescent home, The building was designed by Henry Woodyer and built between 1867 and 1869 with land donated by the 7th Duke of Devonshire, the Chapel was added in 1874.
The site was an NHS hospital for many years, and the hospital wards nursed thousands of patients until its necessary closing in 2004.
The site was then purchased from the Eastbourne Hospitals NHS Trust, by Berkeley who systematically transformed the buildings into a majestic haven of bespoke luxury homes.

The Chapel because of its Grade 2* listing can not be converted to residential accommodation and because if this and its outstanding beauty  has been lovingly restored. 

The Chapel is now used as a venue. No religious services are undertaken within the building.  Whilst some people may doubt its use in this way, the Chapel have seen a renascence in its use.   Since its  use as a venue, thousands of people have experienced what otherwise would have been lost to Sussex.

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