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Christenings at All Saints Chapel

Some things are important in life, others are not...

Introducing your new child to the world, making that commitment and sharing with your friends who will be god parents is an important matter.  Its a personal and public commitment to the future.

All Saints Chapel is the perfect place to make that commitment.  You can say it how you want, there are no rules.  Get a friend or a professional celebrant to help run the day its up to you.

For as little as £250 you can have your special day.

Wedding Cake ideas for 2017

Wedding cakes, everyone has seen the 3/4 tier wedding cake.  Fruit, chocolate and any combination of cake flavours.

For 2017 the trend seems to be dripping cakes of various types.

Why not have several mini dripping cakes looks good

A dripping cake with Macaroons

Go Mad with this horn cake

Combine traditional with the dripping cake theme.  Dripping flowers

Coming to a wedding in Eastbourne

How to get to Eastbourne

By Train 
  • From London via Victoria station (Direct line normally platform 16)
  • Direct services from Bright on 30 mins,  Hastings a little less

By Car

  • From London : M23 and then A27
  • From Brighton A27 or A259
  • From Hastings  A27 or A259

  • Gatwick :  direct train to Eastbourne.  Car : M23, A27

  • Loads of hotels
  • Check "Visit Eastbourne .com"

Call 07808 8334980


Its always difficult to know which colour go and which dont.  Its also important to know which colours are last year!!!!

So here is a link to a helpful website.  You can review colours and even mix your own..  Have fun!!!

Wedding Colour Trends 2017

5 Colors You Should Avoid Wearing as a Guest at a Wedding

Wedding tips

Some tips

Planning Your Dress: Don’t Start in Bridal Shops
“Start the search for your perfect bridal gown by trying on some party dresses,” says Rachel Attwell from Luella’s Boudoir. “This allows you to work out the parts of your body that you are happy with and the parts you would rather disguise. It also lets you experiment with different fabrics and gives you the confidence to work out what you really like.”

Planning Your Shoes: Try Them Out
“It’s wise to wear your wedding shoes before the big day to make sure they’re comfy — and avoid getting blisters,” says Rachel.

How to Plan a wedding

When a new couple come to see us at the Chapel the first thing we do is ask what it is they want to do..


  • Ceremony only at the Chapel
  • Whole day at the Chapel

Having the whole day at a single venue is far easier

  • Chosen a wedding date

This may seem obvious but most couple have just got engaged and have not firmed up a wedding date

  • Book the Registrar and Venue at the same time

Its really important to book both the venue and Registrar at the same time.  Once this has been completed , you then have when, where and how sorted.

What to wear to a wedding

What to wear to a wedding

It's no secret that dressing for a wedding generally causes stress levels to sky rocket. No matter how far you plan in advance, a rain storm that you haven't factored in or accidentally turning up in the same printed tea dress as three other guests can put a dampener on the day. 
You needn't spent a fortune to look good at the impending series of spring nuptials. According to Lyst, women who have bought a new outfit for a wedding in the past three years spent an average of £98.

Church Weddings Sussex

Church Weddings

Young girls dream of getting married in a pretty village church, walking up the aisle to the altar to say their wedding vows, the guests joining them to sing their choice of wedding hymns, and walking back out of church to a shower of confetti with the church bells ringing to celebrate their marriage. 

The reality is that nearly two thirds of couples now marry in a licensed wedding venue rather than choosing a church for their legal ceremony.Those that do marry in church comment that saying their wedding vows in front of the Vicar, Minister, Priest and God adds an extra importance to the words of the vows, and that they want religious hymns and a full choice of religious readings and prayers at their wedding, none of which can be included in a civil wedding.

Hello to Brighton

Hi Brighton

If you are looking for that special wedding venue and Brighton just does not have it , then check out the Chapel.

No Issues with parking and the venue is like no other.. About 20% of our wedding come from Brighton.  Its the Brighton side of Eastbourne, easy to get to with loads of hotels if you want to stay over or 30 mins by train.

The Chapel is very different it gives you a traditional feel for the first part of the day.  For the girls you get an isle to walk down (every girls dream) for the boys the font forms part of the bar.

Wedding Food the best of and worst of

The question I have always wondered about is

What is the best wedding food and what is the worst food people have ever experenced.

At the Chapel we dont have a set menu but it would be good to have feed back of the food question?

Please let me know?

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